The Benefits of Working with a Broker with an Inhouse Financial Planner

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Whether you are applying for a home mortgage or looking to finance a major purchase for your business, a financial planner can seriously organize you. At Borg Financial, all of our clients have the benefit of working with an in-house financial planner. Financial Planning is integral to ensuring that our clients are best positioned to reach their goals.

What are the benefits of working with a broker with an in-house financial planner

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with working with an in-house financial planner when applying for a mortgage.

1). A financial planner can review all of your insurance and income protection policies

When you are about to make a major financial transaction, insurance and income protection will play a big role. Our in-house financial planner can review your personal, home, life, medical, and business insurance to ensure that you are protected if anything happens while servicing your loan. This will give you the peace of mind that you will be protected in a worst-case scenario.

As an example, our in-house financial planner Ruby worked with one of our clients to set up their personal insurers whilst we were assisting in securing a home mortgage loan. As part of her due diligence, she reviewed the client’s insurance and income protection policies. Six months after the client settled on the mortgage, he required open back surgery. Needless to say, this type of medical procedure sidelined our client for an extended period of time. Luckily our client had the assistance of his insurance policy to handle income to cover the mortgage repayments and general cost of living assistance. Thanks to the work of our financial planner, our client knew that he was well protected in such a situation.

2). Our financial planner can manage your Super (SMSF) and keep your retirement planning on track

Retirement is one of the most important parts of someone’s financial life. Sadly, many people tend to overlook long-term financial planning to handle short-term financial situations. Our in-house financial planner reviews our client’s Super (SMSF) and ensures that they are on the right track to hit their retirement goals.

For instance, our in-house financial planner can help clients purchase an asset in their super, or borrow from their SMSF. These complex financial arrangements can benefit greatly from the services of a financial planner who has the experience and the know-how to manage these transactions.

3). Provide overall management of your financial portfolio

Our type of clientele ranges from working professionals such as medical professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and your everyday working individual. Needless to say, the finances of some of our clients can be quite complex. Our in-house financial planner can take a bird’s eye view of the client’s complete financial picture. From there, the financial planner can make recommendations to better protect the client’s wealth, find new income opportunities or make their overall financial planner more efficient.

4). Working together with our brokers to create better opportunities for you

When it comes to securing a mortgage or financing for small business expansions, a broker is only part of the story. Top brokers will work only with reputable financial planners, conveyancers, and other required services to ensure that the brokers’ deal fits the best interest of the client’s financial picture. At Borg Financial, our broker and planner symbiosis allows us to better serve our clients. Giving peace of mind for customers to know their financial situation has been thoroughly looked over.

5). How financial planners can manage your portfolio

Financial planners can help build and preserve your wealth by reviewing your portfolio. Whether you are planning for retirement or looking to generate passive income, financial planners know how to create a resilient portfolio that can help you reach your goals with less portfolio volatility.

Additionally, financial brokers can work with lenders for margin lending and loans for shares. This allows you the opportunity to make leveraged gains. With the insight of the financial planner, these leveraged investments can be properly managed to limit portfolio risk.

6). Financial planners are experts when it comes to growth and business planning.

If you have a small business, Borg Financial can assist with wealth creation, scaling, and utilizing debt to expand. Our in-house financial planners have worked with a number of different types of small business owners, including sole traders, companies, and trust setups. Leveraging broker services to provide overdraft facilities to lines of credit and franchise funding.

Let’s say that you want to expand your small business. Of course, you will want the services of a broker who can find you the right type of loan. However, a broker with their own in-house financial planner can ensure that the utilization of the company’s capital is planned out to meet short, mid, and long-term goals within the business. This can allow you to expand and operate your business without stressing your finances and sustain that growth by taking market volatility into consideration.

7). Private banking solutions with strategy sessions provided by a financial planner.

At Borg Financial, we provide private banking solutions that offer bespoke services for our high net-worth clients. Whether you are considering estate planning or one-on-one banking services, our team will be able to provide these specialized services for you.

Also, our broker can set up a strategy session with the financial planner which can allow you to make better banking decisions. These sessions can become extremely helpful when you are considering major deals or purchases.

8). Financial planners can provide cash flow analysis and risk management

If you are a small business owner, knowing where your money is going is critical. Our in-house financial planner can provide you with the expert can flow analysis that can let you have a better picture of your available operating capital. In fact, we are currently helping many different small businesses – from various industries – properly manage their cash flow which adds stability and peace of mind.

Finally, there is the all-important service of risk management. Our financial planner can help your business manage exposure to risk and help identify potential “black swan” issues that could adversely affect your business. Obviously, no one knows your business better than you. However, it always helps to have another set of “expert eyes” ready to help identify any potential risks to your business’s financial well-being.

The importance of financial planning in every aspect of your financial world.

Whether you have a professional occupation or you own a business, you can gain great benefits from working with a broker with their one in-house financial planner. That’s why you should choose Borg Financial. We are not just here to help you handle a single transaction. We are designed to be your “go-to” financial team when it comes to getting the funding that you need, growing your wealth, and protecting your financial future. Let’s take a look at how our team can help each type of client:

The working professional

As a salaried employee, it is important that you are protected from any unexpected interruption during your working hours. Our broker and financial planning team can ensure that you are protected from unforeseen events, manage your risk while helping secure loans for the important asset acquisitions in your life.

The small business owner

Your financial life includes both your personal finances and your small business finances. Sometimes these can be one of the same and we understand that everyone operates their business their way. At Borg Financial we can provide you with strategies and debt management to help sustainable business growth.

The entrepreneur

You are always looking for the next big opportunity, you have many ventures and assets generating income. While some banks and lenders may not understand you, we do. Our broker and financial planning team can help you find lending opportunities to help you realize your dream. Private banking solutions and over 40+ different banks on our panel.

Rely on Borg Financial for your next mortgage

Whether you are interested in a home mortgage, business expansion, portfolio review or even your personal insurance, the team at Borg Financial is ready to assist you. Let our extensive knowledge in both brokerage and financial planning give your wealth an edge. Contact us today at

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